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In line with WIDCOMM’s policy of providing the most
up-to-date information to our customers, we are
providing the following information.

Having problems performing pairing with an iPaq
1940/2210 PDA and a Nokia 6820 Phone and you
continually get an error similar to “Cannot pair
devices for security reasons”?

This is a Hardware issue and not a software issue
related to the WIDCOMM BTW-CE Product. The reason for
this problem is as follows:

There are two types of keys that can be used for
- Combination keys
- Unit keys

The key type that is used is pre-set in the Bluetooth
Radio Firmware. The WIDCOMM BTW-CE Bluetooth software
does not control this setting. The radio on the iPaq
1940 uses unit keys by default. The Nokia 6820 phone
rejects the use of unit keys in pairing because it is
not as secure as combination keys.

This issue has been reported with Nokia 6820 and 6230
phones when attempting to pair with the iPaq 1940 or
2210 PDA.

Please contact HP to see if they have a resolution for
this issue.

via zynaps

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